i wanted to share a little reading on how bringing art and design into more stairwells could actually encourage us to use the stairs more often. i've talked before about the importance of adding art and design into everyday spaces and this is yet another example of how thoughtful design can enhance our lives - and maybe even improve our health!

art in stairs

from the article:

"on average, american adults gain about a pound a year, but some research (PDF) has suggested that just two additional minutes of stair-climbing a day could prevent that gain... design can play an important role in encouraging this, especially in subsidized housing developments where many avoid stairwells that are dirty, dark, and sometimes unsafe."

“with active design we want to entice people to be physically active but we want to make it in a way that’s desirable... humans are stimulated by trees, shade, dappled light, scale of the sidewalks, and perceived safety. understanding all this adds a layer of information for designers and planners.”

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i wanted to share a project that kind of combines all the things i love: design, small business, female entrepreneurship, the dc creative community, and well, just pretty things in general.

appointed is an american-made brand of beautifully designed desktop goods.

from them: "we believe a beautiful work environment fosters creativity, productivity and overall well-being. and we believe that each new notebook represents untapped potential and endless possibility. our goal is to add beauty to the workday and to outfit workspaces everywhere with tools that energize and inspire."

i've written here before about how important i think it is to bring design and beauty into everyday spaces that are typically beige and boring. so, i love the idea of having polished, thoughtfully designed office products that can go in and out of all the spaces of life - from the 9-5 stuff to the creative stuff to the to-do lists and the big dream brainstorming. if it's something you're interacting with multiple times a day it should be beautifully designed!

Appointed by Suann Song
Appointed by Suann Song
Appointed by Suann Song

pretty right?

added bonus? appointed was started by dc-based graphic designer and creative powerhouse suann song. i've been following suann for years and she's consistently made beautiful things and supported dc small business.

they launched on kickstarter a couple of days ago so go and get em!

as they say on their kickstarter, "beautiful tools to inspire beautiful work." indeed!


this is so cool.

pirate3d has created “the world’s friendliest 3d printer,” a printer that can turn images into 3d-printed objects. the video below is about “touchable memories,” a project they’ve launched that focuses on the printer’s ability to turn photos into 3d-printed objects for people without vision. the project hopes to increase awareness around the many ways that technology can improve lives. as the video says, “technology is just a tool. people give it a purpose.” using a home printer called a bucacaneer, they are able to create a physical, tangible scene of an image.

as a person who lives for design and beauty, i know that so many of the things that give me joy are based on the privilege of sight. the idea of seeing art and design and inspiration everywhere - which is at the core of THE BOSS AESTHETIC - truly takes for granted that privileged. justina blakeney mentioned this in a post for world sight day a couple of weeks ago: “i refer to myself as a ‘visual person,’ but without sight i would have to redefine my entire identity and carve out a new way of thinking and of being.” the idea that technology could give those without sight access to a little bit of this as well is pretty amazing.

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