this is so cool.

pirate3d has created “the world’s friendliest 3d printer,” a printer that can turn images into 3d-printed objects. the video below is about “touchable memories,” a project they’ve launched that focuses on the printer’s ability to turn photos into 3d-printed objects for people without vision. the project hopes to increase awareness around the many ways that technology can improve lives. as the video says, “technology is just a tool. people give it a purpose.” using a home printer called a bucacaneer, they are able to create a physical, tangible scene of an image.

as a person who lives for design and beauty, i know that so many of the things that give me joy are based on the privilege of sight. the idea of seeing art and design and inspiration everywhere - which is at the core of THE BOSS AESTHETIC - truly takes for granted that privileged. justina blakeney mentioned this in a post for world sight day a couple of weeks ago: “i refer to myself as a ‘visual person,’ but without sight i would have to redefine my entire identity and carve out a new way of thinking and of being.” the idea that technology could give those without sight access to a little bit of this as well is pretty amazing.

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