lately, i am finding a lot of inspiration - and discovering so many exciting designers - on instagram. i thought i would share a few in case you are looking to diversify your instagram feed from sunsets and selfies. the thing i love the most about instagram is that it gives you a window into how a creative person sees the world in the ordinary moments of their day. it allows you to see beauty and design and interest where you might not on your own.

i also appreciate that instagram is a space where artists can explore in a more casual way. i’ve mentioned two artists i follow (justina blakenly in this post and dschwen in this post) who started side projects for fun on instagram that became incredibly successful and took them to new, unexpected opportunities.

take a look at some of my favorite sources of inspiration on instagram below and don’t forget to follow @thebossaesthetic for a window into where i see design.

(note: hover over the images for info and see below for links!)

@happymundane, because color, line.

@kitato, because he showcases people is such pretty ways.

@julieskitchen, because she plays with food (but not in the “here’s a delicious pie i ate” kinda way) and makes the prettiest patterns.

@littlecoal, because his photos always make me pause. and on instagram (scrollscrollscroll) that means a lot.

@macroe, a study in landscape and simplicity.

@huxsterized, because COLOR.

@maxwanger, a study in proportion and scale. definitely a favorite.

@paperfashion, because she sees her art (#shadowdancers) everywhere.

@palomaparrot, because her images have such a consistent point of view: thoughtful, clean, bright.

am i missing any of your favorites? email me or leave a comment below!