wanna get your emails read? bookmark this!

whether you're a marketer thinking about being more effective via email or you're just thinking about how to get your boss to read your emails, i've got some suggestions. here's a useful (and pretty!) list of email marketing best practices. click through to see the full version - which is pretty AND clickable - and read through all of the tips.

it's a lonnggg article but if you work in email marketing it's very valuable. number two worked on me like a charm when i first signed up for squarespace. four is key and an important reminder to make your data work for and with your marketing. number one is my number one digital marketing mantra.

if you DO NOT work in email marketing, do you send emails to people that matter about things that matter to you? then this is relevant to you too! i can't count how many times i've seen a long email from a friend looking for donations/support, a colleague looking for feedback on something, or been cc'ed on a crazy long email to a senior manager that fell flat. you can apply almost all of these tips to those emails: be smart about highlighting what you want them to do (tip 8), be mindful of pulling out the most important points (12), be strategic about subject lines (10) and so on.

whether you're a marketer or not, we can all be doing a better job of getting our messages across.

more here. and for a great example of effective emailing check out this post about pandora from a couple of weeks ago.