i wanted to give you some website design inspiration today. given that websites are now the face and living logo of brands, people and organizations, making your website informative, engaging, and generally effective is critical. line25 is a blog about web design by chris spooner and he shares tons of great website examples. definitely one to bookmark. he features and organizes them based on style, focus, or element so if you’re thinking about how to make your personal website or your company’s website work a little harder for you this is a great resource.

beyond thinking about website design from a marketing perspective, as consumers of content i think it’s always interesting to think about how the sites you engage with are missing opportunities or failing to engage with you. just makes you a smarter digital consumer!

see below for some great examples of focused, effective site design.

i think the key with website design is that you have to tailor the design and style and content and tone of your site to the goal of the site. you have to think about what the singular focus or goal is and ensure the design is working in helping you work towards that end.

so... if your goal is email sign ups:

this collection - featuring beautiful use of typography - is great if your goal is a clean site that conveys creativity.

and finally, my favorite: websites with a single focus. these examples feature what's called the "hero image" - the large full screen background image. i’ve said it before here and i’ll probably say it a million more times: SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY TO EFFECTIVE, SMART DESIGN.