this is so cool. designer joe harrison was thinking about how the nature of logos will change as our screens get smaller and we get more and more mobile, so he created "responsive logos." this project made me pause and think about how branding needs to evolve for the multi-screen, interactive, ADD, always abbreviated world. if you click through and reduce your screen (it’s actually even cooler on your phone) you’ll see the logo evolve into it’s simplest form. the idea is that logos must be "responsive" to the device they're being displayed on.

i am obsessed with the simplicity-driven nature of this project. simplicity forces so much thought and intelligence into design and when it’s done right - and captures a lot with a little - it’s perfection. brands are going to have to do more with less as our interactions with them evolve so click through and see how harrison sees that happening. he plays with coca-cola, chanel, nike, bang & olufsen (shown below), disney and levi's.