i wanted to share this video from pandora for two reasons: first, the video and the concept are awesome and second, the delivery was spot on.

first, the delivery: i get very few emails from pandora (usually just with station suggestions) so i’ve never bothered to unsubscribe. this week i got the email copied below and was struck by how effective it was. here’s why:

  • the subject line: “wow…” was simple but attention grabbing. it was also unlike most emails i get from them so it captured my attention.
  • the sender: the email was from tim westergren, the founder of pandora. their emails never come from him so again, it captured my attention. see a trend? you need to change things up in your communications in order to get the attention of your users.
  • the content: a one line intro that is personable and to the point, the link, a line about why this is at the heart of the brand’s mission and then an action. it’s basically perfect.

video and concept: when you “thumbs up” (aka “like”) something in pandora it adds it to your favorites and adjusts your station accordingly. but what if it meant something more?

  • the basics: you can “like” or “thumbs up” or virtually high five anything these days. it’s the most basic digital interaction. so, brands need to be thinking about how to make it mean more, and how to make it lead users to engage deeper (rather than just “like” and keep scrolling). this is one of the few places i've seen a brand try to do this.
  • the execution: it’s touching, it’s inspiring, and it takes the concept of pandora - connect with artists you love and fall in love with new artists in a few clicks - to a whole other level.
  • don't forget: give them an action! once someone engages with your brand they need to be given ways to continue to engage.

it will be interesting to see the traction #thumbmoments gets and where pandora takes this but for now, kudos pandora!