this is awesome. london-based animator, james curran, spent a month in nyc last year and created a gif for each day's (mis)adventures. through the thirty gifs he captures places and people and things we all know and love about new york. he strung all of the gifs together and it reads like a video journal slash extensive instagram travel post slash love/hate letter to a new york. i love the use of color, the consistency, and the fun. and i love that it really feels like a story. check it out.

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how cool is this animated type?

this animated typeface is part of a pretty cool project led by animography that had designers all over the world working together. the typeface is called franchise and was made by one type designer and 110 animators. each animator was asked to pick a piece and animate it using no more than 4 colors and 25 frames. they could use whatever technique or style to bring their character to life.

such a beautiful result and such a cool design process!

more from animography here.


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so clever and simple and cool. this piece is by al boardman, a motion graphics designer, and part of a short film called ‘8 great things to do in london.’ boardman's blog is full of good stuff. check it out below.

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the new yorker magazine released their first animated cover on instagram last week. check it out here. now think about what that means! like so many innovations, now that i see it and it makes so much sense i'm surprised more major publications haven't done this yet. i am a huge advocate of creating content that is right for the vehicle you've chosen, meaning that pasting print materials into a pdf and putting it on your website does not work. you need to adapt it for each channel, like they've done here. by pasting print content as is onto a digital medium you are missing so many opportunities - mainly the opportunity the web gives you to get your customers/viewers to engage with your content (click, share, etc) in a more meaningful way. print based brands particularly need to be thinking about how to repurpose their content for different digital platforms. might as well start with the cover!

this "animated cover" reminds me of a cinemagraph, a half-video-half-image invented by jamie beck and kevin burg. according to their site, "a cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly." burg is a visual graphics artist and beck, his wife, is a fashion photographer; they came up with the cinemagraph while experimenting with gifs. check out their beautiful cinemagraphs here and their blog (a must for fashion lovers) here