thought this project was pretty special.

it's called "in pieces" and is described as "a CSS-based interactive exhibition celebrating evolutionary distinction." it is an interactive exhibition turned study of 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species, the idea being that their survivals are literally in pieces. the project teaches about these species through facts and video that are *beautifully* built into the site. also, i love the idea of a digital exhibit and the ability to take your time with each piece of content.

the other component of this is that it's a code and design experiment. the project plays with css polygons, pushing traditional uses of code by using coordinates to design triangles which make up the animals. so all of the objects are made up of triangles that are created using only code. so cool.

in pieces poster

they cover the stories of 30 endangered species. the topic is important and the design and user experience is stunning. i really encourage you to click through and take a look at how they designed the user experience of the site but let me show you a couple of my favorites.

In Pieces
In Pieces
In Pieces
In pieces
In Pieces
In Pieces


i wanted to share these three beautiful posters created for WWF india. the series, animal trees, uses trees to create the shapes of endangered animals and aims to emphasize that wildlife and the environment are interconnected. like this piece, i love how they were able to convey so much with so little.

trees and panda
trees as bear
trees as hippo

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how fun are these minimalist animal designs?

these guys are the centerpiece of a brand called animodul, a clothing and toy company for kids. this beautiful brand design was created by spanish design studio atipo

cool shapes above and an AWESOME video below. amazing to see how much they accomplish with just a few shapes. and fun to see in the second half of the video how these designs are applied beyond branding, onto the product.

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