i know you send a lot of emails. and i know some are very important to you. but here's the thing: usually no one reads them. so, here's an example of an email that was well done that i think we can all learn from. these lessons apply to those using e-communications for marketing but they also apply to anyone who wants to get their emails read! generally speaking, if you're writing emails, you can probably be doing a better job at getting your emails read and your messages across. like this awesome email from pandora, this email from harry's is a lesson in simple and effective email design.

from: harry's

subject line: the moustache that changed the world

sent: on a saturday earlier this month at 10am

here's why it's good:

1. timely: the content is seasonal, it ties to what's on people's minds. people are thinking about movember and this email hopes to build on that.

2. simple: self-explanatory subject line, one image, one quote, one block of text, one action, one link. BEAUTIFUL.

3. relevant but different: this isn't usually what readers get from harry's so it stands out. but (this is important) it still ties nicely with what they expect from the brand.

4. thoughtful send time: when are guys likely to spend a couple of minutes reading through an email from harry's? saturday morning sounds about right to me.

click here to learn more about movember (only a couple of hours left!) over at harry's.

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