i love this quote. of course, in some situations decisions have to be consensus based, made by committee. i think this quote is relevant in two ways though: first, as a leadership lesson and second, as a personal lesson. a former CEO came to speak to a class of mine during business school and he emphasized that you have to collect information from everyone - from the highest ranking person to the lowest ranking person in your organization, everyone should feel a part of the process and everyone can provide valuable insights. however, when it comes to making the final decision, as a leader, it's your job to weigh all of that information, take in all of the varied opinions, quiet the noise, and make a decision. i think the same applies as we make big life decisions. i have so many friends going through big life transitions right now and making big choices and i really think this is the best advice: first, take in opinions and advice from the people you trust, people who care about you, people who have been through what you're going through. and then, sit with yourself, quiet the sea of opinions and make the decision that feels most right for you.

original image (slightly edited by me) by (one of my favorite illustrators) monica ramos