FEELING ( inspired ) BY ( blogshop )


i have been following bri emery’s blog, designlovefest, for years. she is one of two or three blogs i visit every day. i love her aesthetic, i love her sources of inspiration and i think her blog has maintained an incredibly consistent voice throughout her huge growth. bri co-founded blogshop, and i am so inspired by this idea. blogshop is a photoshop course that teaches bloggers how best to leverage photoshop for their blog, their business and as a tool in making their vision a reality.

why: blogshop is a great idea but what inspires me the most is the full experience bri and her co-founder angela kohler have created around it. blogshop is a full day workshop but it’s also an opportunity to meet fellow creatives in your area, be inspired by an impeccably designed event space, and walk away with cute gifts. bri and angela have created a workshop meets dinner party meets design space complete with décor, catering, florals and goodie bags.

also: i am obsessed with this one pager they created for prospective students to take to their bosses: focused design, deliberate content, and so freaking practical. it’s something that makes the lives of their students easier before they’re students! talk about customer centric.

long story short: i love bri and think this idea is what it's all about: create great digital content, with a consistent and authentic voice and aesthetic, and then connect that to offline experiences that can make your digital content/voice/brand tangible.

Floral background image: Paris in Four Months