WHY, HELLO 2015!

why hello

while january 1 is often a time to rest, relax and recover, it's also about reflecting on the last year. so, before we pick the confetti out of our hair and jump into 2015, i thought i'd share some of my favorite end of year lists. sooo many lists and year in reviews this week! but these were some of my favorites and everything in here made me reflect.

FEEL. brain pickings best articles of the year / brain pickings is such an amazing source of reflection, thoughtfulness and just generally amazing insight. if you're looking to reflect this is a good one.

THINK. fred wilson's end of year blog post / fred wilson is an extremely successful and well-known venture capitalist and as such, someone who is very connected to trends and tech. here, he goes through some of the trends he saw in 2014. i found it to be super insightful. a couple of themes: the end of the social media phase of the internet, the rental economy, crowdfunding, the rise of youtube and so on. if you want to read more on VC's looking back and looking ahead here's another good piece. especially interesting in this one are the observations that despite the hype, wearables and the payments space didn't quite take off like we thought they might in 2014.

CREATE. fast company's 13 inspiring stories from 2014 / lots of my favorite fast company articles from this year on this list. so much inspiring and interesting stuff here! most of them are about a creative person that had a compelling idea and was able to build a successful business around it. definitely one to bookmark.

read away and happy 2015!


ps. image above found on pinterest, source unknown