my quest to bring you short, inspiring, creative video content continues! today's videos come from like knows like. co-founded by filmmaker bas berkhout and photographer marije kuiper, like knows like features beautiful mini-documentaries about designers, illustrators, bloggers, and creatives from around the world. they feature people who are known for their work (particularly the work they share in the digital world) and provide a window into the person behind the work. the videos are quiet and thoughtful and personal.

one of the driving forces when i created THE BOSS AESTHETIC was that i wanted a space where i could merge the businesslady and the creative spirit in me. for me, authenticity means being all of the things you are in all of the spaces of your life. sometimes that's contradictory, or messy, or confusing. but I think embracing that is what leads to fulfillment and ultimately, hopefully, authenticity. so, this effort by like knows like to merge the person with the work is something that struck a chord of beauty and authenticity with me.

i've included my favorites below (featuring james victore, tina roth eisenberg aka swiss miss, and lisa congdon) but take a look at the full project over here. lots of great, thoughtful videos.