i wanted to share nature is speaking, a beautifully designed campaign by conservation international. they feature videos like the one shown above, narrated by a celebrity and about an element of nature. the focus of the campaign is that #natureisspeaking and we should be listening. the narration and music are *alittlemuch* for my taste but the design of this whole operation is beautiful.

take a look, and look out for:

  • the beautiful filming of the videos and the great use of video throughout the site (in the background of this section and this section, for example).
  • the design of the site: i love that having the images/videos take up the whole screen forces focus and simplicity. and the use of the images of the other videos at the bottom as a navigation is beautifully done.
  • nice use of social media throughout the site.

but... in addition to not loving the melodramatic tone i mentioned above, i think they could do a better job of making it clear what they want us to do about all of this. they have a nicely designed action page, but at the end of the video they miss an opportunity to drive us all towards something specific. also, they ask you to share/hashtag/the usual but the main push is to sign up for their email newsletter. that’s fine, harrison ford, but what happens when i sign up? what are you gonna send me? i think that context is important for people to feel like they’re taking action. the closest they get to this is on the pledge page - but it’s still pretty vague.

definitely one to check out though! the videos are truly stunning. more here.