i usually use this space to share the work of artists i love. today, i'm mixing it up a little and sharing something i worked on and love!

we shots tons of gorgeous photos for our hearstagram campaign this year at framebridge. some product, some lifestyle, all really bright and fun. we worked with artist kathryn zaremba and photographer laura metzler and came up with a couple of fun set ups. this one is my favorite. it's everything hearstagrams should be: playful, pretty, kind of a wink, good all year round... but extra perfect as a new kind of valentine.

Collection of Kisses by Kathryn Zaremba


we all share so much beautiful content online. this blog is basically dedicated to that! but after that initial post it lives on your phone, on your feed, on the cloud. andddd that's it. so this week at ‎framebridge‬ we're launching a movement: FRAME YOUR FEED. get those photos off your feed and into our frames. give the moments that are special to you a little more weight and permanence and bring them into your (real) life.

i really believe that connecting offline, human experiences with online technologies and communities is, well, everything. and i'm so proud that we're doing just that at framebridge.

frame your feed with framebridge

here's my #frameyourfeed story:

this photo is from what started as a really bad day last fall. i was frustrated and overwhelmed, so my husband and i went to an art museum to walk around. we ended up having truly the best day. it's a perfect reminder for me that 1. if you are stressed get out of the house and walk around an art museum and 2. hard moments are just moments, you gotta shake them off.

so, I got this photo out of the depths of my feed and now it lives on my desk as a really special reminder. get on it my friends: #frameyourfeed.

more here.


hi friends. i am super excited to share that next week i will be joining framebridge!

*happy dance*

framebridge is a new company based in DC - with an awesome female founder - that is working to shake up the custom framing space. instead of custom framing being ridiculously expensive and frustrating, they're making it easy (through their app and website) and inexpensive (under $200). just pick a frame style you like, preview your piece through their app, send in your art, and let framebridge do the work: framing it, packaging it and shipping it right back to you.

i will be joining the team to help tell the story of framebridge's amazing product through content, working on social media, partnerships and all kinds of good stuff.

and i am SO FREAKING EXCITED. because it's all about art and design. because people frame things that are meaningful to them and i love that. because it solves an actual problem. and because i am a customer and genuinely love what they do.

take a look at how it works over here.

and download the app! you can get started with their instagram minis (my new favorite thing).

it's been exactly one year since i moved back to dc. and this year has been all about looking for companies and ideas and people that inspire and challenge me. and for those of us who are a little business and a little not, a little corporate and a little art, the process is all about patience, persistence, and the uncertainty that comes with constantly creating your own path rather than making your way onto the one that's been neatly laid out for you.

and the boss aesthetic has been a huge part of that - sharing my creative voice, finding inspiration and connecting with interesting people and projects. so today, i'm excited to reflect on months of growth and hustle and beautiful design, and on all of the things that led me to framebridge - a company i am so excited to join and a product i am so excited to share.

here's to working your ass off and cheers to the next adventure! can't wait to share more with you as i get started.