i saw this quote a couple of weeks ago and immediately felt that - not to be dramatic or anything but - it captures my life philosophy and so much of what i want to share here.

first, it’s all about looking up and out in order to dream, explore and find what inspires you - for me, this has often been beautiful design, creative people and surprising, original ideas. ultimately though, i believe fulfillment cannot come without the second part, looking inward and getting to know yourself. i think we spend so much time looking to understand others, that it’s easy to take for granted that we need to get to know ourselves first. it’s kind of a weird concept: i am me, why do i need to get to know me? but i have consistently found that the people that seem most authentic to me, most fully realized, know themselves very well. so, i really believe it's essential to really get to the core of what we like, what drives us, what moves us, what we’re good at, so we can start living accordingly, fully and authentically.

for me, finding that authenticity is what it’s all about.

background image (edited by me) by julie bourdais